The 4 Best and Most Special Holiday Gifts of 2022

During Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, New Year’s Day or even birthday, are you worried about not knowing what gift to give to your friends and family? Don’t be afraid, reading this article may help you.

In ordinary days, let the arrival of festivals be extraordinarily anticipated

01 Woolf’s artistic aromatherapy

Lagom Lab|Ceramic Fireless Aromatherapy Diffuser

The joys of being with friends are rare, more than the daily routine of being alone in a room.

Lagom Lab ceramic fire-free aromatherapy series, inspired by British female writer Woolf’s “A Room for One”, a holiday that can gently wrap all emotions, put on soft pajamas and write freely. All the little clues here are for you.

The silver ring in the tray or the aroma of jade, as well as the setting sun falling on the wall, the time alone with myself always goes by very fast.

4 Best and Most Special Holiday Gifts of 2022

Lovely and delicate ceramic aromatherapy, placed in any space at home is an elegant decoration. Just drop the aromatherapy liquid into it, put the aromatherapy strip into the bottle, and the whole house will be fragrant.

The ambiguous sandalwood wrapped in floral notes, when you approach it, will also unconsciously be infected by this soft and peaceful atmosphere. The elegant ylang-ylang and the calm cedar are blended together, condensing the gentle and firm power.

4 Best and Most Special Holiday Gifts of 2022

As the name suggests, I stay at home most of the time, listening to music, and thoughts wandering in my head. It is a home fragrance suitable for white T+ jeans and slow pacing. It is relaxed and pleasant.

With a romantic and thoughtful home fragrance, amber releases the warm breath, reminding me of you…

After the aromatherapy liquid is used up, the beautiful aromatherapy bottle can continue to be used, and you can buy other aromatherapy liquids and aromatherapy strips you like, and you can use them indefinitely.

4 Best and Most Special Holiday Gifts of 2022

02 FoxStore Chocolate Holiday Blind Box

New Year’s Eve, smoke a chocolate blind box with friends

Open a chocolate blind box with friends on New Year’s Eve, what kind of chocolate will you get? It is also a fun part of the lively atmosphere. Lady and the Unicorn 3000 limited chocolate blind box, 30-31 chocolates, randomly selected from 60 flavors.

4 Best and Most Special Holiday Gifts of 2022

Not only are there different flavors of chocolate to look forward to, each chocolate is very beautiful, and the party table will be very eye-catching.

4 Best and Most Special Holiday Gifts of 2022

Cocoa Fox’s chocolate reduces sugar by 85% year-on-year, and the white sugar content of chocolate is less than 15%, which reduces the overall calorie, but an appropriate amount of canteen will highlight the richness of dark chocolate and the aroma of milk, and will make the taste of dark chocolate smoother.

03 Da Vinci series scented candle

Da Vinci’s Artistic Taste – Conjecture of the Cosmic Speculation Universe

Russia’s Hermitage (Hermitage) Museum, together with the Louvre in Paris, the British Museum in London, and the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York, are called the world’s four largest museums.

4 Best and Most Special Holiday Gifts of 2022

With the love and exploration of the magnificent world art, Cosmic Speculation and the Hermitage came together. Selected the famous painting “The Virgin and Child” by the artist Da Vinci as the design inspiration, extracted the humanistic background and religious elements of the creation of this great painting, and launched the Da Vinci-Sunday Domenica fragrance series. Time passes, art lasts forever.

The Virgin’s smile conceals the Virgin’s inner feelings: tenderness and sadness, watching intently, seems to have felt the rough future of the baby Jesus; the red and blue combination of the Virgin’s clothes and the bird in the baby’s hand symbolize the blood Jesus shed for human sacrifice .

4 Best and Most Special Holiday Gifts of 2022

Cosmic Speculation and Russia’s Hermitage Museum (Winter Palace) jointly launched this cooperation series full of human brilliance and ancient religion, hoping to use fragrance to narrate this ancient and modern story.

Use fragrance to build a quiet spiritual shelter for everyone who walks in this world. When we stop our hurried and tired steps, there is always such a peaceful Sunday away from the hustle and bustle, waiting for us.

Because no matter how long the winter is, spring will always come. As long as you don’t lose faith, no matter how long you walk in the dark, the sun will always shine into this world.

04 Animal Paradise on the Desktop

Price & Kensington|

No matter how many “”drink more hot water” instructions, it is better to send TA a beautiful water cup directly. A beautiful cup really makes people unable to stop drinking more water. And the mug can drink water, drink tea, A practical cup for coffee, yogurt.

Price & Kensington, a century-old tea set brand from the United Kingdom, is a famous British pottery brand. The animal paradise series mugs have a happy New Year atmosphere, and they are also cute and personalized decorations placed on the desktop.

Each cup uses sticker method + roasting process to present different animal patterns on the cup body, which is durable and not easy to fade. The cute animal patterns are very pleasing to the eyes no matter where they are placed in the home.

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