A Table Lamp Is Essential for Any Room

Whether you’re in the mood for reading or working, a table lamp is an essential part of the decor. It provides focused lighting to minimize glare and shadows, and is a perfect way to accentuate the beauty of a space even when it’s switched off.

Choose the Right Table Lamp for Your Needs

Before you buy a table lamp, consider its purpose and how it will fit in your interior decor. For example, you can pick a contemporary lamp that has a clean and minimal style that complements bold and neutral furniture designs, or opt for a statement-making modern lamp with a quirky base and shade.

Light Bulbs: Color temperature, lumens, and wattage are also critical factors that you should keep in mind when selecting the right bulb for your table lamp. A daylight color temperature is best suited for reading and study, while warm white works like a charm for bedrooms and living rooms.

Table Lamps for Bedside Use: The ideal height of a bedside table lamp should be in-line approximately with your chin to avoid direct rays. You should also select a table lamp that can be easily adjusted to suit your posture and needs as you sleep or read, so that it doesn’t obstruct your vision in any way.

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By Hai Kai