smart folding light

Among the plethora of smart LED lights on the market, the WoodVenture Smart LED Torch stands out. The gizmo is not only stylish, it is also functional. Its gizmo gizmo is actually magnetic and can be easily mounted on the wall to create a unique lighting effect. Its battery life lasts for up to six months of continuous use without charging.

The WoodVenture Smart LED Torch is a worthy addition to the family room. Its other high-end cousin, the Smart Wood Folding Lamp, will be a welcome addition to any home office or den. This light is also environmentally friendly with a battery life of up to seven hours. Its LED light can cast a smoky or bright beam, depending on your preference. The LED can be easily folded up and put away or can be attached to another light through the magnetic ends. The magnetically attached lamp has a base diameter of 4.5 inches, and an extension of 30 inches. This is an impressive feat for a product that weighs in at only a hefty two pounds.

The WoodVenture Smart LED torch also odes a number of gizmos. In addition to its main battery compartment, it also includes a USB charging cable. The USB cable can be plugged into a standard USB wall adapter plug. In the event of an emergency, the smart LED torch can be used to light the way to a darkened room. The best part is that the battery can be easily replaced if necessary. The LED light itself is magnetically attached to the lamp base, which is also included. Its magnetically attached base can be flipped up to reveal a lamp base, or flipped down to conceal it entirely. Its base is also magnetically attached to a magnetic hanger. The magnetic hanger can be used to attach other lights, which is also included. The nifty-looking display is made from renewable natural materials, and has a stylish modern design. Its other nifty features include magnetic wooden ends, which are also compatible with a number of other lamps.

By Hai Kai