vertigo lamp

If you’ve ever wanted a pendant light with a twist, you may be interested in the Vertigo pendant light designed by Constance Guisset. This piece is made from fibreglass, steel and polyurethane, and comes in four color options. The design is versatile and works well in various indoor settings.

Vertigo pendant light is designed by Constance Guisset

The Vertigo pendant light is a large, circular fixture designed by Constance Guisset. Made of polyurethane and fibreglass, this pendant light holds an E27 bulb up to 15 watts. It is manufactured by French company Petite Friture and is available in two colors: green and black. The canopy and cable are black.

The Vertigo pendant light is a dramatic and ethereal design that plays with the shape of the walls. The soft ribbons encircling the frame of the light create an enchanting shadow pattern when the light is on. Its lightweight, wave-like structure adds elegance to any room.

It is made out of fibreglass, steel and polyurethane

The Vertigo pendant lamp is a striking design that has a geometric and graphic dimension. The fibreglass shade stretches over the top of a steel and polyurethane structure to create a wave-like effect. The ethereal, floating light creates an atmospheric mood in any room. Made in France, this lamp is available in black or green with a black cable and canopy.

This pendant light was designed by a famous artist in 2010. It quickly became an iconic item in the world of home decor. It was featured in numerous home decor magazines, top-rated Pinterest pages, and Instagram accounts. Many interior designers praised this lamp as a must-have piece. The lightweight, fiberglass, steel, and polyurethane structure casts a soft, illuminating shadow on the wall.

It is available in four colors

The Vertigo lamp is a dramatic and light-filled pendant lamp designed by Constance Guisset. This French designer has taken inspiration from nature and the movement of light and space in creating this lighting fixture. The Vertigo pendant lamp spins as the wind blows it, giving it a visual character that is reminiscent of light, shadow, and surprise. It is available in four different colors to suit your taste and room size.

The pink vertigo suspension lamp is ideal for girls’ rooms. It adds a soft and feminine atmosphere to the room. It also comes with a pink bracket for cuteness. This lamp can be found in different sizes, making it the perfect decoration for any room.

It is suitable for various indoor environments

The Vertigo pendant lamp adds a magical, yet subtle effect to any interior space. The white shade of the lamp combines with the solid steel bracket to create a soothing ambiance. The lamp is available in different sizes to suit different needs. The large version is perfect for large living rooms.

There are many Vertigo lamp replicas to choose from. These are available in a variety of colors. If you’re looking for a lamp that will add a touch of class to your interior design, consider purchasing a brown vertigo lampa replica. Its warm light and unique design style make it an ideal choice for many different interior designs.

It is manufactured by Simiglighting

If you’re in the market for a new pendant light, you can purchase a replica of the famous Vertigo lamp from Simiglighting. This reproduction lamp has the same shape as the original, but is made of fabric instead of metal. This pendant lamp is available in a variety of finishes and sizes.

This pendant light features a delicate design and a unique play of light and shadow. It comes in several colors and sizes, and is made from lightweight polyurethane ribbon and fiberglass. It will be a center of attention in any room, and will cast expressive shadows. It can be used for both indoor and outdoor lighting, and is available in both white and black finishes.

By Hai Kai