Bocci: The lamps of this brand can be called “dream”

Bocci is a Vancouver and Berlin-based design and manufacturing company founded in 2005 with creative director Omer Arbel, whose work pursues the ultimate in craftsmanship and creativity.

Bocci lamps

Their lamps combine lighting and art, showing the beauty of light in a dreamy form. Let’s take a look at their works!

The fine copper mesh basket is immersed in the hot transparent glass, and the mesh basket is gently wrinkled in the process, forming a unique shape, which casts a warm glow when finished.

In addition to chandeliers, there are also floor lamps and table lamps to choose from, which are very textured.

This blown glass luminaire introduces the form of a vacuum, the inner grid and the outer glass cover bring a unique visual experience, like a blooming dandelion.

The lamp is obtained by blowing molten glass into a creased heat-resistant ceramic fabric, and its irregular shape makes it very attractive, and the surface has a fabric-like texture. Table lamps and floor lamps are also made using the same process.

The technology of this lamp is really innovative. The craftsman introduces a white cavity into the blown glass ball to form a beauty of collision and opposition. The cavity can also be planted with some green plants, which is full of new ideas.

Whether it is a chandelier, a table lamp, or a floor lamp, it is very fresh and natural.

The craftsmanship of this lamp is roughly the same as the one above, and the richer colors also make it more interesting overall.
The collection of chandeliers is like a hanging balloon, colorful and full of innocence.

Different shapes have differentiated their own different aesthetics.

Translucent and translucent, these flared chandeliers have a minimalist shape that blends into any decor, with a soft diffused light that creates a romantic ambience.

Each 44 is made by pouring molten aluminum freely into a large can, and the end result is stunning, with tiny spherical lights attached to the condensed metal.

By Hai Kai

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