vertigo lamp

If you love the Vertigo lamp, but can’t afford to buy the Original, don’t worry! There are several replicas on the market, and you don’t need to pay an arm and a leg to own one. You can get a replica that has the same materials, craftsmanship, and size as the Original, but for much less money.

Constance Guisset’s Vertigo pendant lamp

A pendant lamp with an organic shape, the Vertigo is a striking design piece for the den. Its polyurethane ribbon shade and sculptural fiberglass structure create a playful, graphic effect that adapts well to both large and small spaces. The soft air currents that the lamp creates accentuate the soft lines and play with shadows. This design has quickly become an icon for Paris-based design house Petite Friture.

In 2007 the young designer set up her own studio in Paris. Since then, she has designed industrial objects for companies such as La Cie Seagate and travel accessories for brands such as Louis Vuitton Malletier. The Vertigo pendant lamp is an exceptional example of her work and is a striking piece that will bring a unique sense of intimacy to your home.

Its graphic design

The Vertigo pendant light is one of the iconic pieces by Petite Friture, a French design house. The design plays with light ribbons that move as they pass through the wall, reinforcing its graphic dimension. Its aesthetic echoes that of the brand’s markers, which emphasize geometry and graphic design. This versatile lighting piece features details and finishes that are as elegant as they are functional.

This pendant lamp is a striking graphic design that adapts to both large and small spaces. Its lightweight structure and ribbons of polyurethane give it an ethereal, intimate look. A modern addition to any room, this lamp is made from ultralight fibreglass and tensioned with polyurethane ribbons. When it comes alive, Vertigo radiates a fascination that transcends its minimalist aesthetic.

Its size

The Vertigo lamp is a modern pendant light that is both beautiful and functional. Its wired design is a visual treat to look at, and it plays with the lines and spaces around it to create engaging patterns and shadows. This light also adapts to a range of room sizes, making it ideal for a variety of settings.

If you want to make a statement with your room’s design, a Vertigo lamp replica can be the perfect choice. These lamps can be found in a variety of sizes and different decoration effects. Whether you’re decorating a living room or a bedroom, you can find a perfect replica at an online store.

Its colors

The Vertigo lamp is a unique lighting solution which combines the qualities of a pendant light with the qualities of a floor lamp. It is available in white and black colors, which make it a perfect fit for rooms with a bright or suffused aesthetic. Vertigo is made with glass fibers and polyurethane strips laid by hand.

Inspired by hats, the Vertigo lamp is a great way to add a stylish and unique touch to your room. This lamp comes in a variety of sizes and colors, and can bring ambient lighting to any space. It is the perfect choice for contemporary kitchens, chic living rooms, and warm bedrooms.

Its manufacturing process

The Vertigo lamp was designed by French designer Constance Guisset. Its ultra-light fibrefglass structure is stretched by velvelty polyurethane ribbons. This allows it to move in the air, casting a beautiful pattern and shadow on the walls. This modern and versatile lamp is suitable for both large and small rooms. Vertigo is manufactured in France by Petite Friture and is available in green and black with a black cable and canopy.

The Vertigo lamp is very lightweight and flexible and is very adaptable to various spaces. Its flexible structure and dynamic braces create a shadow pattern on the walls when the light is turned on. Its size and structure make it suitable for large and small rooms. Its ultra-light weight and wave-like shape give it a touch of elegance that makes it a perfect addition to any room.

By Hai Kai