vertigo lamp

The Vertigo pendant lamp from Petite Friture is a large, elegant pendant that is extremely flexible and light. Its wave-like structure, which is formed by dynamic braces, creates an interesting shadow pattern when the light is turned on. This beautiful light adds an air of elegance to any room.

Vertigo pendant lamp

The Vertigo Pendant Lamp is very light and flexible. Its design, created by Constance Guisset, makes it move gently to the rhythm of the wind. This makes it a great choice for a modern interior. The Vertigo Pendant Lamp is large enough to be seen easily in most living areas, but light enough to move gently.

The Vertigo pendant lamp has a geometric and graphic dimension, and is based on a fibreglass structure. It’s a unique and innovative piece that adapts to large or small spaces. It is available in black and white or ash gray on white. You can choose a shade that best matches the color scheme of your room.

The Vertigo Pendant Lamp comes in a variety of sizes and colors. The lamp is lightweight and made of fiberglass and polyurethane ribbon. It will add an interesting touch to any room. The lamp also casts expressive shadows. The 150-cm wires come with the Vertigo Pendant Lamp, making it perfect for a variety of interior styles. It’s a perfect fit for a modern living room, a modern bedroom, or any other room in the house.


Vertigo lamps are made of fiberglass and polyurethane ribbons and have an ultra-light structure. Their movement and lightness will help you to create an ethereal and engaging atmosphere. These lamps are made in different sizes and are available in a variety of colours. Whether you want a contemporary or a traditional lamp, you’ll find one to fit your needs.

Sizes of Vertigo lamps vary in proportion to the amount of light that they emit. The Vertigo pendant light is a striking example of graphic design and is six and a half feet in size. This light is also extremely light and airy, which makes it a great choice for smaller rooms. The Vertigo pendant light has earned the attention of a variety of design professionals and has been included in many permanent collections. It was also a winner of the 2006 Public Prize for Design at the villa Noailles.

Vertigo is a beautiful pendant lamp designed by French designer Constance Guisset for Petite Friture. The pendant lamp’s polyurethane ribbons make it ultra light, but it’s still striking. The light it produces makes a beautiful pattern on the wall when it’s switched on. This lamp is an excellent choice for any room or area, and will make an outstanding accent piece.


If you’re looking for a unique lamp to hang in your home, consider the Vertigo hanging lamp. Its unique design features a rotating lampshade that adds to its charm. Available in black, copper, pink, and white, this pendant light can add a unique touch to any room. Lightweight and attractive, Vertigo hangs beautifully in any room. It will help combat drafts and maintain an air of sophistication.

The Vertigo lamp is available in a variety of colors and different models. The lamp uses common bulbs. You can choose a white or black version that is ideal for a bright setting. You can also choose a model that uses a black or red bulb to create a more suffused atmosphere.

Vertigo pendant light is inspired by hats. Its slender, hollow form makes it a stylish decoration. Available in four different colors and six different sizes, Vertigo pendant lamp will be a center of attention in any room. Depending on your needs and preferences, you can select the size and color that matches your home’s decor. The Vertigo pendant lamp is perfect for modern kitchens, elegant living rooms, and warm bedrooms.


Vertigo lamps carry a one-year limited warranty. If you break your lamp, you can return it for repair or replacement. However, if you modify it, the warranty will be nullified. The warranty does not apply to lamps that have been rewired or altered in any way.

The Vertigo lamp was designed by Constance Guisset for the Petite Friture company. It is constructed from fiberglass, iron, and polyurethane. It is available in two different dimensions and in several different finishes. It is a very popular and desirable design. Whether you choose the two-dimensional or three-dimensional version, the Vertigo pendant lamp will make any room look beautiful.

By Hai Kai