The most popular and best outdoor sports in 2022, which one do you like?

Frisbee sports

It is no exaggeration to say that Frisbee is the most popular urban sport among young people today. Last year, the release of Frisbee sports-related content on the Internet surged by 6 times. This low-entry, high-participation urban outdoor sport has become popular among young people at an unimaginable speed.

Frisbee, also known as Ultimate Frisbee, originated in the United States in the 1950s and is a sport that combines football, basketball, American football and other sports.

The entry threshold for Frisbee sports is not high, and the rules of the game are simple. On a rectangular field, there are 7 players on each side. They are arranged on the left and right of the field as both offensive and defensive sides. By running and passing the Frisbee, they can ensure that their teammates are in the scoring area. Catch the frisbee to score.

A major feature of frisbee sports is that there is no referee. If a foul occurs, both parties need to stop the game and negotiate, make their own judgments, punish themselves, be fair and just, and respect each other. The game can only be continued after an agreement is reached. At the same time, Frisbee sports also prohibits physical collision, male and female players can usually compete, which greatly enhances its social attributes.

At present, most of the Frisbee sports in domestic cities are organized and operated in the form of clubs. You can easily find well-developed clubs and meet many young people who love this sport. At the same time, the professional competition of Frisbee sports has also been carried out in China for many years.

flag football sports

In the impression of most people, American football is a sport with fierce confrontation and huge amount of exercise. In the United States, rugby can be called the first national sport, and the annual Super Bowl championship game is the biggest annual sports event.

When this confrontation sport of “a few people fighting for your life and death” came to modern times, it became a popular decompression sport among young people in a newer and easier way, which is flag football.

Flag football has its origins in American football, but is more simplified and safer. Players need to tie a flag around their waists. It abandons the fierce collision of traditional American football, and uses tearing off the opponent’s waist flag as the goal. The form of pulling the flag is similar to the game of “tear the famous brand”, which is full of fun and interactivity.

As a form of non-contact, zero equipment and small field, flag rugby retains the unique charm of traditional rugby. Through tactical design, division of labor and cooperation, the final score is completed and the game is won.

The rules of flag rugby do not allow pushing or holding people. Once the flag on the belt of the offensive player with the ball is torn off by the defending team, the offense needs to be stopped to avoid injury to players on both sides due to collision. At the same time, flag rugby pays more attention to tactical skills and teamwork, and can also enhance the leadership and teamwork of the participants.

Many young people who are keen on flag football will “Amway” others like this – you don’t need to wear bulky clothes and equipment, there is no threshold, you can run! The charm of flag rugby lies in the excitement and accomplishment brought by the two moments of overtaking and throwing off the opponent and tearing down the flag of the opponent. Many young people are deeply fascinated.


Sit on the seat cushion, pedal with your feet, and the wheels roll. When the weather is getting warmer and early summer is approaching, young people who love urban cycling also begin to take to the streets one after another, moving freely in the streets and alleys.

Cycling is a kind of exercise that is especially suitable for urban young people. It is a rhythmic, non-weight-bearing aerobic exercise, and at the same time it drives a lot of muscle exercise. Different from running, running pays more attention to the individual, while cycling needs to move forward with bicycles, carefully observe different aspects of the city along the way, and have a more detailed feeling of the streets and alleys of the city.

Cycling can be lonely, but it can also be social.

Owning a Brompton folding bike is a new way of life for many young people today.

Spending more than 10,000 or even tens of thousands to buy a folding bicycle may be considered by many people to be a crazy act of burning money. Nowadays, more and more people have added Brompton to their wish list. This folding bike from the UK The bicycle brand is affectionately called “Xiaobu” by fans.

It is stylish, easy to use, light to ride, easy to fold, and looks good when folded. Brompton’s core selling point is that you can fold a small cloth in just a dozen seconds and carry it with one hand. On the subway, into the coffee shop. And how to dress more fashionably when riding has become the most important thing for Xiaobu car owners before going out.

What kind of lifestyle is City Bike? Slow down, feel life itself, and keep the love of life.

By Hai Kai

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