vertigo lamp

The Vertigo lamp is an ethereal and graphic pendant light designed by Constance Guisset. It is made of fibreglass, steel, and polyurethane and is available in six sizes. If you want to add a touch of French style to your home, you should consider this stunning design.

Vertigo pendant light is ethereal and graphic

If you’re in the market for a pendant light that is ethereal and graphic, look no further than the Vertigo pendant light. Its ultra-light fibreglass structure, complemented by velvety polyurethane ribbons, make this lamp a versatile choice for any room.

The Vertigo Pendant Light by Paris-based designer Constance Guisset is dramatic and light, spinning with the slightest breeze. The Paris-based designer draws inspiration from movement, lightness, and surprise, and she is able to translate these qualities into a design that creates a sense of intimacy and coziness.

It is available in six sizes

The Vertigo pendant lamp is a beautiful addition to your home. Handcrafted circular rings fused together create this contemporary lighting collection. Available in gold leaf inside and out, and with exclusive LED lighting, the Vertigo pendant light is ideal for any room. It is available in six sizes: 80cm, 120cm, 140cm, and 170cm.

The Vertigo pendant lamp is a great decorative piece, and it doesn’t take up much volume. Designed with a cabin, it easily integrates into any interior space. With six sizes available, you can use one for a single room, or several for a more dramatic effect. Whether you hang it over your dining table, above your bed, or anywhere else, the Vertigo pendant lamp will instantly transform the look of your room.

It is made out of fibreglass, steel and polyurethane

The Vertigo lamp is a large pendant light designed by French designer Constance Guisset. Its light fibreglass frame is striped by long ribbons and its large floating shade creates an intimate space in the room. It is ideally suited for large rooms.

Its ultralight structure and polyurethane ribbons create a dynamic and atmospheric effect. It can be placed in a large or a small room and provides a warm and intimate atmosphere. Its fibreglass and steel base and velvety polyurethane ribbons cast an atmospheric play of shadows on walls.

It is designed by Constance Guisset

Constance Guisset is the French designer behind the Vertigo lamp, which has recently been included in the MOMA design collection. This innovative lamp features a projected shade and a light source made of LED technology. The light is projected onto the shade via polyurethane ribbons.

The Vertigo pendant lamp is an icon of French design. Its ethereal, graphic design can adapt to both large and small spaces. Its ultra-light structure and soft velvet polyurethane ribbons evoke feelings of intimacy, lightness, and motion.

It is made in France

The Vertigo lamp is a stunning design. It has a basket lightbulb that provides a beautiful effect by casting shadows on the ceiling. It is available in two sizes and six finishes. It can work in a variety of rooms and is a true French design icon.

The Vertigo lamp was designed by Constance Guisset and manufactured by Petite Friture in France. It is made of fibreglass, steel, and polyurethane. It has a black shade and is suspended from a black cord. The Vertigo has an ethereal, graphic look.

It is made by Petite Friture

The Vertigo lamp is a beautiful contemporary light made from fibreglass, iron, and polyurethane. It is made in two dimensions and is available in two colours, black and green. Designed by Constance Guisset, it has won many awards, including the Audience Award at the 2009 Design Parade de la Villa Noailles. This innovative lamp was created with great thought and attention to detail and is an exceptional addition to any home.

Vertigo is a stunning pendant light made in France. Its ultra-light fiberglass structure with satin-glass diffuser produces a light that glorifies the shadows cast by its organic shape. Vertigo’s shade gently sways in the wind and creates a warm, intimate atmosphere in any room.

By Hai Kai