dejsa table lamp

If you’re looking for a table lamp, look no further than the stunning Dejsa table lamp by CG VIZ STUDIO. This lamp’s mouth-blown opal glass shades give it a luxurious look and soft, dim light. Plus, it features a practical headrest that’s comfortable and convenient. Its 3D model was created in 3ds Max 2020, and it’s compatible with Corona 6 HF.

Chrome details

The DEJSA series is a beautiful table lamp with soft blown opal glass shades. These lamps create a warm and cozy atmosphere with their soft light. They can also be controlled remotely using a TRADFRI remote control kit. The shade is handcrafted by a skilled craftsperson, which enhances the cosy look and feel of the lamps.

Softly-shaped shades of mouth-blown opal glass

A modern design with a modern aesthetic, the DEJSA series of lamps is made with stylish chrome details. They feature a three-shade system that directs the majority of light downwards. The three-layered glass shades have a shiny top and a matte underside, giving a soft diffuse light distribution. The lamp is controlled with a TRADFRI remote control kit. It also has a high-lustre chrome-plated spun brass and steel stem.

Another great option for living rooms is a reading lamp. This lamp can be lowered or extended depending on your needs. The opal glass shades emit a soft, dim light that is ideal for reading. The Dejsa table lamp by CG VIZ STUDIO is one such product. The softly-shaped shades are made of mouth-blown opal glass and give off a comforting glow when illuminated.

Minimalist design

The minimalist design of the Dejsa table lamp is a popular choice among interior designers, and the style of the lamp is a great choice for minimalist decor. Its unique design incorporates a nubby terracotta base, which adds texture to an otherwise minimal interior. The lamp is also available in a variety of colors to suit any room design.

Despite its simple design, this table lamp offers plenty of light, and its minimalist aesthetic works well in a variety of settings. Its sleek, minimalist style pairs well with other minimalist elements, including wooden furniture, natural elements, and other decorative accents. In addition, the lamp can be installed wherever you need light, including in a study or bedroom.

Despite its minimalist style, the Dejsa table lamp still manages to provide a soft and dim light. Its design is inspired by the iconic Sputnik chandelier, and the minimalist look of the Dejsa lamp makes it a perfect fit for any minimalist room. The minimalist style of the Dejsa table lamp is perfect for a French country or farmhouse style decor.

By Hai Kai