halo mandalaki lamp

The halo mandalaki lamp combines natural light and a spherical projection in a compact and easily positioned lamp. Its warm hues and spherical projection create the illusion of the hot sun on the wall. Whether you’re looking for a natural light source or a more modern and contemporary look, this lamp is sure to meet your needs.

Projected light halo

The ‘Halo’ collection from the international studio Mandalaki combines technology and art in a new lighting system. The halo lamp’s compact size allows it to fit into a variety of environments. With the ability to change color, it transforms a familiar setting into a sensory experience.

The ‘Up’ light is the latest addition to the Halo range and features a spherical projection of warm hues. Its unique optical system mimics the natural frequencies of the sun at sunset. The light is produced by a single, hinged head that is situated at the bottom of the stem. The ‘Big’ version’s hinged head is the largest projector, allowing for infinite color projection.


The halo collection is a fusion of technology and art. The halo lamp uses an optical system and a high-powered LED to produce a circle of perfect color. The result is an intense display of bright light. The lamp’s designers wanted to combine art and technology in a stunning way.

Halo mandalaki lamps are designed to project a spectrum of colors that closely resembles the spectrum of natural light at sunset. The projection head is located at the base of the lamp stem and is hinged. The ‘big’ version is the largest and most versatile, and its flexible head creates a wide range of colors.

Compact design

The halo mandalaki lamp is a compact design with a wide range of uses. This lamp combines optical research with art to create a beautiful and unique piece of lighting. Its compact size and lightness allow it to easily fit into different environments.

This lamp was designed for different landscapes and can produce a multitude of nuanced light in a room. Its design encourages interdisciplinary collaboration and empowers networks of scientists and artists.

Color projector

The ‘halo’ lamp is the latest collection of lamps from the international studio mandalaki. It features a color projector that mimics the natural frequencies of the sun at sunset. Its spherical projection and warm hues produce a stunning image on a wall. As the largest projector in the range, it is flexible and has no limits as far as color range is concerned.

The lamp is an interesting blend of materials and technology. The light’s base is solid iron and its head is carved by CNC machine from black anodized aluminum. The lamp is assembled in Milan. The lamp is available in two colors: Deep Blue and Sunset Red. The Mandalaki design studio was founded in 2012 by Enrico De Lotto and explores the nexus of design, art, and technology. The team strives to produce quality and unique pieces by continuously innovating between industrial and artisanal processes.

By Hai Kai