iittala leimu lamp

Designed by the Norwegian-born Magnus Pettersen, the Iittala Leimu Lamp is a compact light that uses two materials to create a piece of functional art. The lamp is a good example of a “big picture” design that makes use of the best of both worlds. The shade, which is crafted from blown glass, is the centerpiece of this table lamp. It is accompanied by a concrete base. The Leimu lamp is one of the first items from the Interieur Collection, a line of high-quality lighting pieces designed by Magnus Pettersen. The lamp is a great example of a functional piece of art and is a worthwhile addition to any home or office.

In addition to the Leimu Table Lamp, Iittala has also produced a host of other impressive products, most of which are made of glass. They have been producing durable products for years and are known for their glass processing expertise. The company is also a pioneer of Scandinavian design. Using the latest technology and materials, the company has created products that are both elegant and functional.

One of the Iittala Leimu Lamp’s more interesting features is the combination of two materials, glass and concrete. The shade is a bit of a tease, as it looks like a chalice but is actually a filigree glass “shade” that is blown by hand. Its color is an interesting mix of copper and blue. It also uses an interesting light source, which is a 2.5 meter power cord and an EU plug. While the Leimu Lamp may be a bit of a tease, it’s a good example of what Iittala has been doing for decades. It is a testament to the company’s commitment to quality that its electrical lighting fixtures are approved by the European Union for safety.

The Leimu Table Lamp is one of the first products from the Interieur Collection, a new line of high-quality lighting pieces designed by the Norwegian-born Magnus Pettersen. The Leimu is a small lamp that uses the finest of materials to create a piece of functional art. It is a small but impressive feat of engineering that features a lighted “sfeervol” and a surprisingly large portion of glass that is hand-blown and tinted. The lamp may be small, but it is robust and reflects light beautifully. It’s a piece of art that brings elegance and interest to any room. The Iittala Leimu Table Lamp is available in various sizes and designs. Its matching light bulb is also available for purchase.

The Leimu is the smallest lamp in the Iittala Leimu line, but it’s one of the most impressive. It is made of cement and glass and is a testament to the company’s expertise in glass processing. The Leimu lamp is also the first of its kind. It demonstrates the Iittala company’s attention to detail, while at the same time reflecting the beauty of both materials.

By Hai Kai