Kitchen dwellers twist bluegrass, folk, and rock through a kaleidoscope of homegrown stories, American west wanderlust, and adventurous psychedelia. This Montana-bred quartet captivates audiences at hallowed venues like Red Rocks and has shared bills with the likes of Railroad Earth, The Infamous String Dusters, Twiddle, and more while dazzling festival crowds from Northwest String Summit to WinterWonderGrass.

On their new album, ‘Muir Maid’, the band takes it to the next level. From the opening track ‘Broken Cage’ spinning a cowboy tale of life on the road to the introspective ‘Phaedrus’ reflecting upon the trials and tribulations of human connection, it’s clear that Kitchen Dwellers have transcended traditional genre boundaries with their spectacular new work.

Whether slicing and dicing, cooking up a storm, or cleaning down afterward, there’s no doubt that working in a kitchen can be tough on the body. Standing and moving around for hours on end while navigating crowded workspaces, hauling heavy pots of food, stocking walk-ins or filling orders can take its toll. And, as any experienced cook knows, the constant bending over and squatting can cause back pain and stiffness.

That’s why ergonomic design is so important – it’s not just about providing tools for precision cutting and slicing, but also creating an environment that’s healthy and safe to work in. That includes reducing the amount of time you spend on repetitive tasks by streamlining workflows, and providing the right kind of support to prevent stress injuries.

Taking that extra step to create an organised kitchen is often the biggest time (and stress) saver down the track. Having clean and clear counters makes it easier to prep meals, and means you can find what you need quickly and easily. When things are in their right place, you’ll also reduce the risk of wasting food and money by knowing what you have and where it is. And, of course, being able to find what you need is essential for a well functioning kitchen.

By Hai Kai