Chandeliers are the ultimate ceiling fixture: Equal parts decorative panache and functional lighting, they’re a must-have for any well-lit space. And even though they’re traditionally seen in dining rooms, this type of light fixture is gaining popularity for use in other areas of the home—and in a whole lot of different decor styles, too. That’s because chandeliers come in a wide range of shapes and sizes, so pairing them with pendant lights can help to create a well-lit, cohesive room that feels like it was designed together.ckensu

The most important thing to remember when combining a chandelier and a pendant is that there are no real rules—except for the one that says fixtures close together should complement each other in style and finish. As you can see in this board, even though the two pendants (#2 and #4) have nothing to do with each other besides their round canopies and a similar silvery finish, the little details—like pointed framing on #1 and cylindrical bulb bases on #3—help tie the pieces together in an elegant way.

A sculptural pendant with a more-than-domed look can be a great addition to a room with modern or midcentury decor. In fact, it’s the perfect complement to the linear chandelier that designer Charlie Interior Design installed over this wood table in this crisp dining room. The pendants bring a sleek touch that balances out the boldness of the chandelier and helps to pull the room together.

Adding some drama to your dining room with an ornate, branch-like chandelier is a surefire way to elevate the space for special occasions. The tan beaded pendant in this space by Amy Leferink at Interior Impressions is the perfect complement to the room’s woven accents, and it also adds a subtle pop of color that elevates the overall effect.

When you want to give a classic chandelier more personality, choose one with a unique shape that stands out in a crowded room. This sputnik-style chandelier with a beaded lampshade injects personality into this modern dining room while still looking sophisticated.

Another way to make a more traditional chandelier feel fresh is to opt for a light fixture with a less-than-traditional silhouette, such as this snazzy modern chandelier with curved, mirrored legs. The curved profile adds visual interest to the space without making it feel too busy, and the brass finish works well with the rest of the room’s clean lines.

If you love the idea of a chandelier with a sculptural silhouette but don’t have a room to accommodate a bold statement piece, try a more linear design that can be centered over lengthy tables. In this space by Cathie Hong, a linear crystal chandelier has enough glam to elevate the rustic table, but its sleek appearance keeps it from overpowering the minimalist space.

If you’re going with a more neutral color palette, opt for a pendant or sconce that has a simple, sleek silhouette. Then, choose a light shade that has a hint of texture or color—like the smoked glass pendants in this space by Lisa Grainger—to keep the space from feeling flat and boring.

By Hai Kai