vertigo lamp

Before buying a Vertigo lamp, it’s important to know a few things. These include the different colors, size, and warranties. You should also know if this lamp is right for your space. This article will help you make the best decision when choosing a Vertigo lamp for your home.

Constance Guisset’s Vertigo

The Constance Guisset Vertigo Lamp has a dynamic, eye-catching design. The light from this lamp bobs up and down in the wind and casts delightful shadows around your home. The Vertigo is a stunning piece and is a great addition to any contemporary or modern home.

The Vertigo lamp is a pendant light with a fiberglass framework and a satin glass diffuser. The organic shape of the frame and ruffled satin glass ribbon cast enchanting shadows. The shade sways gently in a slight breeze, creating a sense of intimacy and community. This lamp is a modern icon for Paris-based design house, Petite Friture.

Vertigo is a beautiful, dramatic piece from the Petite Friture collection by Constance Guisset. The lightweight, two-metre-diameter shade spins with the breeze and creates an exquisite shadow play on the walls.


Vertigo lamps are available in various sizes. The original Vertigo pendant lamp has a lovely design with the look of a lady’s hat. The pendants are available in various colors and finishes. You can find these lamps in EU stock for the fastest delivery time. Furthermore, you don’t have to pay for customs duties.

Vertigo pendant lamps are very light. The polyurethane ribbons help to make them ultra light. As the light falls, they move and create a beautiful shadow pattern. Their large, two-metre frame and wave-like design make them a great addition to any room. Whether you choose a large or small pendant, they will add a soft and elegant atmosphere.

If you’re looking for a pendant lamp for your dining room, the Vertigo Nova Pendant Light is a wonderful option. The light produced by the pendant lamp is surrounded by a sphere of hand-blown glass, and it casts expressive shadows that look entrancing. Its shape and design make it a perfect pendant light for a dining room or living room.


The Vertigo hanging lamp has a rotating lampshade, which adds to its charm. It is available in black, copper, pink and white colors. These four different hues allow for a dazzling array of choices. It is also surprisingly light, which means it will act as a draft, causing a wonderful play of shadows on the walls.

The Vertigo hanging lamp is a great option for a large space. Its hat-like shape and hollow design make it a fashionable piece of decor. It is available in four different colors and six different sizes. These shades will suit different interior designs and provide ambient light in any room. This pendant light is ideal for modern living rooms, chic kitchens, warm bedrooms, and more.

The Vertigo pendant lamp is also available in a variety of colors. It is made from fiberglass and polyurethane ribbon. Its shape will make it the focal point of your room, and its expressive shadows will add to the effect. The Vertigo pendant lamp has a 150 cm wire and is adaptable to most countries.


The Vertigo lamp comes with a limited one-year warranty. The warranty covers the actual lamp and does not cover any alterations that you make. You cannot return a lamp that has been altered or rewired. However, the warranty covers any parts that malfunction in the lamp. The Vertigo lamp has three separate light sources. The light sources can be purchased separately, or you can get all three at once.

The Vertigo pendant lamp has a highly technical design and is very versatile. It features a hand-blown glass shade and LED technology. It is visually charming and will enrich any interior. The Vertigo lamp is not just attractive; it also makes a great conversational piece in any room.

By Hai Kai