vertigo lamp

The Vertigo lamp is a geometric lamp with a graphic dimension. The design has a very modern look and is finished in a unique finish. This makes it a unique addition to any room. It can be purchased in several colors and sizes and is suitable for any modern interior design. Read on to find out more about this lamp.

Constance Guisset

The Vertigo pendant lamp from Constance Guisset is a dynamic, dramatic piece that is lightweight yet strong. Its graceful, curved shade is captivating, and its play of light creates a wonderful effect in any room. The lamp is available in eight different colours, including a striking blue, elegant black, and modern white. A smaller version of the Vertigo is also available.

The Vertigo pendant lamp consists of an organically-shaped fiberglass framework and a ribbon of supple polyurethane. It casts an ethereal shadow and sways gently in a slight breeze, creating a sense of community within interior spaces. The Vertigo has already become an iconic modern lighting piece for Paris-based design house Petite Friture.

Petite Friture

The Petite Friture Vertigo lamp is a unique pendant lamp that is both large and light, yet flexible. It was designed by Constance Guisset and gently moves to the beat of the wind. Its ethereal light creates a magical atmosphere in any room and is ideal for illuminating your table or floor.

Designed by Constance Guisset, the Vertigo lamp was first introduced five years ago and has helped the brand to establish itself not only in France, but internationally. It was the first collection from the brand and is made out of polyurethane, fiberglass, and metal wire. The Vertigo lamp is available in two sizes and six different color finishes.

The Vertigo pendant light is made with ultra-light polyurethane fibre, triplex glass, and iron, which lends it a visually captivating character. The light it gives off refracts off the walls, creating beautiful shading patterns. The pendant lamp also has an angled shade, which lends it a softer atmosphere.


Vertigo lamps are available in several sizes and variants. They were designed by French designer Constance Guisset for the French company Petite Friture. The lamp features a fiberglass or iron construction, and a fabric shade that holds an E27 bulb of 15W or less. You can buy this lamp in black, green, or a variety of other colours. Whether you want the pendant version or a floor lamp, the Vertigo is an excellent choice.

Vertigo pendant lamps add a whimsical touch to any interior space. Their elegant and subtle design will draw attention. They can be placed over the dining table, in the living room, or anywhere else where light is needed. The Vertigo Nova Pendant Lamp is an excellent choice for any room and will add a dramatic touch to your interior lighting design.


The Vertigo hanging lamp is a charming and magical lamp with a rotating lampshade. It is available in different colors, from black to copper and from pink to white. Its design makes it stand out from the crowd. You can choose any of these four colors to decorate your home. It is lightweight and is made of a unique material. Because of its light weight, it can act on drafts in your room.

Vertigo lamps are available in different sizes and colors, and they are also available in different versions. Vertigo lamps are suitable for both traditional and modern settings. There are many different styles and designs, and they can be combined to create a beautiful and stylish interior. In addition, you can buy them in different models, including floor lamps and wall lamps.


Constance Guisset is the French designer behind the Vertigo lamp, a large floor lamp made of fibreglass, steel, and polyurethane. Its shade holds an E27 bulb with a maximum 15 Watt power capacity. The Vertigo is available in black and green, and is equipped with a black canopy and cable.

The Vertigo lamp is the perfect combination of style and technology. The light bulb, which resembles a basket, creates an elegant shadow effect on the ceiling. The lamp is available in a variety of colors and sizes, making it suitable for all types of interiors. Its simplicity, smooth curves, and light effects make it a popular choice for many consumers.

The Vertigo Nova pendant lamp is another unique lamp in the collection. It has a novel design that fits into any room, while the lamp’s light source, a warm LED, is perfectly matched to the room’s decor. This pendant lamp is an unusual choice for interior lighting in the kitchen and dining room.

By Hai Kai