lighting trends bathroom

When remodeling a bathroom, a lot of homeowners tend to focus on the larger elements first. But what about lighting? Lighting is a great way to add interest and ambiance to a room. And there are a variety of stylish lighting ideas that can transform the look and feel of a bathroom.

There are many types of lighting in the bathroom, ranging from simple wall lights to extravagant chandeliers. Choosing the right kind of lighting can make or break a design.

For instance, one of the top lighting trends is LED lighting strips. These lighting strips create a soft glow around the mirror, making it a nice focal point in a small space. The strip also provides an attractive effect around the medicine cabinet, as well. Using LEDs is an affordable and energy efficient way to add variety to a bathroom.

Other bathroom lighting ideas include candles, which can create a relaxing, fragrant glow. Flameless candles are also helpful in reducing the risks of house fires.

Another fun lighting option is hanging pendants. This is a good idea in a bathroom, as it eliminates shadows. Hanging a light on a mirror is also a unique idea, since it puts the light closer to the person. It also has the added bonus of evenly lighting both sides of the face.

If you’re not a fan of the conventional bathroom light, you can opt for a modern sconce. These lights are made for wall or ceiling mounting. You can even choose from a variety of styles, including those with glass shades and steel holders. Be sure to choose the right bulb, though, as the wrong one can make a sconce look dated.

Besides the obvious lighting options, you can also try blending indoor-outdoor space into your bathroom. Large windows with a view of the outdoors have become popular over the years. Pairing them with a modern bath can create the illusion of more space.

A recessed lighting fixture can save you electricity, and a wet safety rated downlight can be used over a shower. Also, you can try a dimmer switch to control the light in your master bath. An automatic night light should be installed, too.

You can even mix and match a traditional sconce with a contemporary pendant light. In fact, many luxury bathrooms are now using bold antique lighting designs.

The best bathroom lights are ones that offer a combination of function and style. Floating pieces in your bathroom are another trend, which can create interesting shadows or even backlit light. You can also pair LED lighting with more traditional fixtures for a balanced look.

While lighting may not seem like a crucial part of a bathroom remodel, it’s important to consider all of the features of the room. Choosing the right fixtures can be a bit tricky, especially if you don’t want to overspend. Remember to take your budget into account, and don’t be afraid to experiment with your choice of bathroom lighting.

By Hai Kai