exterior lighting trends 2023

Exterior lighting plays a big role in your home’s exterior design. Not only does it add beauty and appeal, but it can also help protect your property from the elements and improve security. As technology and fads evolve, it’s important to stay on top of the latest trends to make sure you’re getting the best light fixtures for your home.

Whether you’re looking for something that will accent your outdoor living space or enhance your home’s overall aesthetic, there are plenty of new lighting designs to choose from in 2023. From a minimalist trend to more traditional options, there’s a style that’s right for your home.

Minimalist Pendants That Blend In

A great way to add subtle texture and interest to your home is with a simple pendant light. Pendants come in all shapes and sizes, so you’re sure to find one that’s perfect for your space. The key to creating a sleek and modern look with this trend is selecting one that blends in with your wall color. You can do this by choosing a metal shade that’s either the same or a lighter shade than your wall color.

Concrete Lamps

Another 2023 design trend that’s a must-have is lamps that feature concrete-like effects and colors. These faux-concrete lamps are made with natural elements that are found in architecture and nature, such as stone and wood. These lamps are the perfect way to incorporate natural elements into your lighting scheme while also bringing sustainability to your home’s design.

Smart Lighting

One of the most important lighting trends for homeowners in 2023 is a smart lighting system that allows you to control your lights from any device. These systems have the ability to set timers, dim or brighten your lights, and even change color with the touch of a button. They’re an affordable and energy-efficient alternative to standard lights, and they offer increased security.

Cordless Lamps

In addition to being a practical alternative to wired lamps, cordless lamps are also expected to become popular next year. These lamps have rechargeable batteries, so you can keep them running for up to 8 hours without having to plug them in again. They’re a great way to bring light into areas where there are no power points or wires, such as patios and garden spaces.

Black and White Finishes

For those who want to stick to a monochrome palette in their home, black is the perfect choice for a floor or table lamp. You can get a black chandelier that will stand out as the focal point in your room, and you can also get a pair of lamps in black and white that will tie into your existing cabinets.

Earthy Materials

For a more rustic and casual look, natural elements like wood, jute, and glass will continue to be popular. These materials are used in many of the designs you’ll see in 2023, and they create a warm and inviting atmosphere.

The relaxed and organic look of the Pembroke pendant is a great example of this trend. Its woven, weather-resistant frame and seeded glass provide softly diffused lighting for a welcoming feel in any outdoor living area.

By Hai Kai